A103 - imama / Aimama Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Details Product Description:

Hug wrap comes with a removable pocket to reveal a mesh backing for better ventilation for baby!

Can remove the hug wrap and use the hip seat by itself when your child grows older!

Less tired arms! Well-balances posture! You can easily keep one hand free while supporting your child with the other hand.

This carrier fits from infant to toddler up till 20kg!

- No stress on shoulders, neck, spine or hipsl.

- Keeps the back straight.

- Child sits comfortably in a natural position. No undue stress to the child.

- Encourages a close strong bond between parent and child.

- Wide comfortable belt evenly disperse all the child's weight through your hips and legs.


3 colors: Red, Black, Grey.

Loading Capacity: 20kg

Material: Quality Cotton

Age: 2-36 Months

Caution/Washing instruction:

* Remove the back cushion before washing.

* Handwash with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

* Do not use washing machines, spin-drier and dry-cleaning machines, to avoid fittings and components become damaged.

* Separate clean, natural ventilation and air dry

RM 89