T040 - Swimtrainer Baby Float (Pink)

The revolutionary Swimtrainer Baby Float ensures that, at an early age, your child receives a firm foundation for learning to swim successfully and develops a positive relationship to water which can be built on throughout his or her life. The Specially designed Swimtrainer Baby Float are used according to the child's age and stage of learning. These enable your baby to start learning to swim at a very young age, and to continue to perfect his or her swimming technique as they become older. The Swimtrainer Baby Float is used to familiarize children with water and to teach them the right leg movements. All Swimtrainer Baby Float are made of sturdy plastic and have 5 inflatable chambers. The Swimtrainer and the inflatable safety belt can be put on quickly and easily by means of a practical clip fastening.


·         Color:  Pink , Design: Swimtrainner

·         Approximate Size : 59cm x 64cm

·         Suitability: Between 3 months to 4 years

·         Maximum load: 6kg to 18kg

RM 32.50